Outside Broadcast

Outside Broadcast

Yass FM is Yass’s local non-profit community radio station, focusing on putting community first by attending more local events and being more involved with Outside Broadcasts within the local community. Attending these events does come at a cost hence why we are always on the lookout for potential sponsors of these appearances we take part in.

Being a sponsor for Yass FM outside broadcasts is not only beneficial to the radio station with assisting to cover some costs, but it’s a great opportunity for local businesses to benefit by getting some target marketing. During the day of the broadcast, businesses will be advertised numerous times during the day as well as have their logo along with any other marketing materials you might have, advertised at our tent / OB site.

If you consider sponsoring our Outside Broadcast program, here is what you will receive in the package:

  • Professionally produced 30-second promo that will be aired during the day
  • Repeated advertisements of your business
  • Additional business promotion through the display of your business logo and marketing materials at our site.

The outside broadcast package is $200 including GST. Becoming a Outside Broadcast Sponsor will come with great benefits that include great exposure for your business to a wide audience, not only advertising your business on radio but also visual advertising of your business at our OB Site.

Not all events will need to be sponsored, but businesses should take advantage of the opportunity to get well-coordinated target marketing to a wider audience.

If you have questions regarding becoming a OB Sponsor contact us through our email mail@yassfm.org